Saturday, 26 February 2011

Why aren't the trees waving?

Isn't science a bit of a buzz kill, really? I mean, yeah, it's incredibly fascinating and the search to 'prove' everything is an adrenal whirlpool, but it kinda takes the fun out of things. For Example...

...It's at this point that I admit to having little/no knowledge of the Native American Indians. Although, I did get the highest marks in my school year for a history report on Sioux and North American Indians, my memory has long since faded like Basil Brush's popularity or Michael Jackson's good looks. But, I think I'm right in saying that they believed the wind to be a spirit or a God or something like that. I know that many religions had Gods of Wind, so if my American Indian example has confused you, think of Aeolus, the God of Wind in Greek Mythology, with whom we all are familiar (*shifty eyes*). All of these people have believed that a spirit or higher being of some form has controlled wind or thought of them as physically being the wind. How amazing would that be? To have spirits brushing past your face everyday. And to have people say, instead of, 'Ohh, it's windy out today!', they could be saying, (while raising some form of bejewelled staff to the air) 'Ohh wind Gods, thy will be done, I beseech thee, lay thyne glorious request upon the human bosom and we shall carry out your wants'. How amazing would that be?

It would also be a lot more fun, when a child asks the question 'What's wind?', to turn to them, with menace in your eye and say 'CHILD, do not speak of the wind, for you shall displease the Gods and spirits and they shall take your toys and blow them away, ne'er to be seen again, little one'. I'm trying ne'er out as a word. Let me know what you think.

But science has taken this child-scarring ability away from us, by telling us that it's just the boring movement of boring particles and the trees aren't really waving at you. Boo to science I say. Although not too big of a boo so they hear and cancel Science for all of us. More of a small, squeeky boo.

'Cos Science is Cool. ;). *thumbs up*

But wouldn't it be good to live with notion that spirits surround us. I think it would, dear reader...

...I think it would. :)

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